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Prevention of money laundering

Lawyers specialising in the prevention of money laundering

Do you know how to meet the current requirements and parameters regarding the prevention of money laundering? If you think your company might be subject to these, you should adopt a series of measures. Here, our money laundering prevention lawyers can advise you on. 

How to act regarding the prevention of money laundering?


Analysis and detection of the level at which your company is subject to the Spanish Money Laundering Law.


Preparation of the in-house manuals, procedures and controls to adapt to the regulation:

  • Formal customer identification procedures.
  • Determining of the corresponding normal, simplified or reinforced measures.
  • Procedure relating to the obligation to provide information.
  • In-house controls.

Creation of the in-house control body and its representative, where applicable.


Compulsory training.


External audit.

Prevention of money laundering lawyers Barcelona Madrid

We provide the solution you need to prevent money laundering

Spanish Law 10/2010 of 28 April on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism (LPBCIFT) binds all those subject to it who might have knowledge of money transfer or movement activities that might be suspicious of or involve money laundering or terrorism funding, in accordance with the requirements and parameters set forth by the Law.

Our accredited experts will provide you with fully personalised advice to offer the solution that best suits your case.

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