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Withdrawal in email marketing

Withdrawal in email marketing and GDPR

The process to withdrawal in email marketing campaigns and how to implement it following the GDPR is one of the common questions asked by people in the sector and one most often discussed in the recent...

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GDPR representative in the UK

GDPR representative in the EU

The figure of the GDPR representative in the EU is still quite unknown despite its full validity, which was reinforced with the current Article 27  of the GDPR. Who needs a GDPR representative in...

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Andorra's national flag

Andorra and the GDPR

Andorra has been on trend in recent weeks in the busy digital world. Famous youtubers have decided to relocate their activity there due to the obvious tax benefits offered by this small country in...

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Data Protection Impact Assessment

Data protection impact assessment

The data protection impact assessment is one of the “new” obligations of the GDPR and, although it was introduced more than two and a half years ago, there is still some confusion so we have decided...

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