Delegado de Protección de Datos en un Centro Educativo

How to choose a DPO in a School?

In Spain, since the publication of the National Data Protection Law in December 2018, the need for schools to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a legal obligation.The challenges of the...

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privacitat i coronavirus covid19

Privacy and Coronavirus

There is no doubt that the begging of 2020, as never before, humanity as a whole, are living a common challenge facing an exceptional and unique situation: the expansion of the pandemic of the COVID19...

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deepfake i proteccio de dades

Deepfake and data protection

In recent days we started having consultations on a new technological phenomenon known as deepfake that through techniques of Artificial Intelligence, videos and images are altered to simulate that...

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GDPR and the deceased

The right to the protection of personal data ends when a person’s life ends. This was established in Art. 2.4 of the Regulation that implements the abrograted Spanish Data Protection Act of 1999:...

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