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We are specialized lawyers in technology contracts. Do you need help creating contracts in the digital environment? We can help you by drafting this type of contracts or any document related to the implementation of new technologies in your company or organisation.

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Success story: we helped the consultancy firm Fides comply with regulations regarding technology documents

For a consultancy firm such as Fides that needs technology to implement its training and development projects, the protection of our software is essential. Víctor and his team advised us on how to draft the marketing agreements for our IT products, and also on how to comply with current data protection law, with great professionalism and personal understanding. Many thanks to Víctor and his team!

Ernesto Martínez, CEO of Fides

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At Roselló Mallol we study your case and prepare the document that meets the legal requirements and best suits your needs. We are specialized lawyer in drafting technology contracts (related to new technologies).

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