Data protection

Success stores from the Data Protection Service

  • Disjob Data protection service
    We assist Disjob in its compliance with protecting the data of its candidates

    According to Rosa Cuartero, CEO of Disjob, "Protecting the information of candidates is essential for Disjob. With the help of Victor Roselló and his team, we have been able to implement effective, feasible measures to give our candidates and our clients peace of mind". 

    Disjob specialises in the search for jobs for people with disabilities.

  • Progess Data protection service
    The social welfare project management company PROGESS adapts to the new European regulation

    Xavier Domènech, its department manager, indicates that "compliance with the data protection regulation is essential in Progress in order to be able to provide services for the Public authorities. Through his external DPO service, Victor Roselló provides efficient solutions and clear responses to our different needs".

  • School data protection
    Schools are a sensitive area for data protection, and we help the school Sadako comply with the regulation

    "We trust the Roselló-Mallol firm with everything regarding the image rights and personal data of our educational community. This enables us to devote our time to the children, in the knowledge that we have been given good advice."

    Glòria Larroy. Sadako School Administration.

Lawyers specialising in Data protection for companies and the public authorities

We offer all the services related to adapting your company to the new Data protection regulations. We ensure the utmost professionalism, permanent assistance, and adaptation to your needs throughout the process.

We guarantee the essential legal and technical advice to ensure your business progresses in line with current law. You will be given a bespoke solution that considers all the singularities of your case and sector.

Data Protection Officer

Outsource the DPO service

We become part of your every-day business when you take action that involves the processing of personal data, such as:

  • Installation of video cameras.
  • Design of a new app.
  • Sending marketing e-mails.

Risk Analysis Report

We help define the Lifecycle of the data you process in your organisation in order to assess the risk level.

And if you so require, we’ll help you prepare the Data Protection Impact Assessment.

Legal texts

  • Privacy and Security Policy.
  • Contracts.
  • Non-disclosure clauses.

We can draft any text that helps you comply with regulations and protect the information you handle every day, one of the most highly-valued assets in organisations.

Because no two sectors are the same

The data protection regulation may include singularities depending on the sector of business of each company or organisation.

Each sector is a world apart and requires a specific study that reaches beyond general solutions.

And no two clients have the same needs

Each organisation to which we offer advice has its own character, which is why our proposals are provided to suit each client in order to adapt to their needs at all times. 

Data Protection Service Barcelona and Madrid

Fully bespoke Data protection service and advice

We advise you on everything you need to adapt your organisation’s business to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and the Spanish Constitutional Law 3/2018 of 5 December on Personal Data Protection and the guarantee of digital rights (LOPDGDD).

The legality of your company,
in the best hands

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